• Current Projects

  • Institutional Strengthening of Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd.
    Energy Sector Technical Leadership (ESTL) Project
    Pakistan Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant Feasibility Study


  • Institutional Strengthening of Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd.

    EMG is assisting Power Grid Corporation of Bangladesh on its Institutional Strengthening Program to enhance institutional resources of PGCB to improve utility performance, institutional development, financial management, operational improvement and to strengthen overall efficiency and performance. The specific objectives of the training program are:
    - To enhance the institutional resources of PGCB
    - To enhance capacity and skill in Operation and Maintenance of the Transmission system (Transmission Line & Substation including Control, Protection, Telecom and SCADA systems)
    - To enhance capacity and skill in System planning, Project Planning, Network development, Transmission Line Design, Substation Design and Civil Design of PGCB
    - To improve the knowledge of safety measures required in maintenance and construction works; environmental impacts for project implementation and its mitigation; Human Resource Management; financial management; budgeting and financial controls; Smart Grid
    - To develop skills for supply of uninterrupted and quality electricity to the customers
    - To increase capacity and skill in Project Management of PGCB
    - To develop better practices and methodologies for project preparation and preparing project proposals

  • Energy Sector Technical Leadership (ESTL) Project

    EMG is sub-contractor to IRG in managing the US Agency for International Development (USAID) – Energy Sector Technical Leadership (ESTL) Project. ESTL assists the Office of Energy & Infrastructure within the Bureau for Economic Growth, Education, and Environment to provide technical leadership through training and knowledge sharing activities related to energy sector.EMG supports the IRG project team and will provide technical assistance in:
    - The development of training programs and documenting the existing institutional structure of the energy sector or sub-sectors (power, oil, coal, natural gas, rural energy)
    - Assessing the economic, social, and environmental performance of the energy sector and developing alternatives for the re-organization of the sector in order to improve performance
    - Examining the impact of energy sector restructuring on the stakeholders involved, and developing strategies to mitigate the effects
    - Advising developing country policy-makers seeking to promote a particular renewable energy technology and building the capacity of local host-country institutions seeking to promote renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency
    - Examining the finance and accounting procedures of energy utilities and assisting them in adopting International Accounting Standards.
    - Designing Energy toolkits to provide USAID Missions and Regional Bureaus with training materials regarding current challenges in the energy sector, new trends, and general knowledge on topics related to energy, such as energy sector reform, powering health, and grid connected renewables.

  • Pakistan Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant Feasibility Study

    EMG is the Prime Contractor to conduct a Technical and Financial Feasibility Study for Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization (PEDO) on a 435 MW Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in Pakistan. The feasibility study includes:
    - Front End Engineering and Design of the Combined Cycle Plant
    - Environmental and Social Impact Assessments
    - Developmental Impact Assessment
    - Project Cost Estimate and Implementation Schedule
    - Economic Analysis
    - Regulatory Framework Review and License Applications
    - Project Implementation Guidance
    - Project Financing Options and
    - EPC Tender Documents Preparation