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Ahmad Ghamarian, PhD - President

Dr. Ghamarian is the President and a founding member of the Energy Markets Group. Dr. Ghamarian has over 25 years of management, engineering and teaching experience in the energy sector, largely dealing with energy and sub-sector issues in developing and emerging market countries.. EMG provides markets advisory services to the global energy sector. Previously, as Executive Director of the Energy Group at the Institute of International Education (IIE), he managed all of IIE´s all energy related programs. Specifically, Dr. Ghamarian has designed, managed and supervised a series of capacity building/training projects for the energy sectors, including national to utility-level policy and planning, in countries of Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America, from the needs assessment stage to training implementation and evaluation. To do this he has collaborated closely with a wide range of clients, including multilateral and bilateral donor organizations, in-country government ministries, private firms, and NGOs.
Dr. Ghamarian went to IIE from the Exxon Research and Engineering Company, where he performed research and development, and provided consulting services to promote energy efficiency in Exxon's refineries and chemical plants worldwide. Previously, he served as a Project Engineer with the Combustion Energy Company in Tehran, working on the design of several power-generation projects for the Iranian onshore/offshore oil industry. Dr. Ghamarian has served as Adjunct Assistant Professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, in the areas of energy and power, and as Adjunct Professor at The George Washington University, teaching Least-Cost Utility Planning and Power System Economics. He is the author or co-author of over two-dozen technical reports and papers on energy and power that focus on efficiency and planning for sustainable development. His last report is titled Best Practices in Electricity Regulation in Latin America.

M.S. and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Energy Technology
B.S. in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Power Systems

Languages: Farsi, English, and Arabic

James B. Sullivan, PhD - Chairman

Dr. Sullivan is a founding member of the Energy Markets Group. In the last several years, Dr. Sullivans consulting practice has focused on energy sector restructuring and reform in developing countries for a number of international firms and development agencies such as the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the U.S. Department of Energy, the World Bank, the U.S. Energy Association and others. He has served as an Associate Assistant Administrator to USAID (1998, 2000), the senior U.S. Government career official responsible for environmental and energy issues in developing and transition countries. As such he helped develop strategy and design foreign policy for U.S. assistance programs abroad. He was also was the senior energy advisor to USAID as well as direct supervisor for the Agency's global programs in energy and environmental technology, natural resources, urban programs and global climate change. Energy topics treated by his programs included privatization and corporatization of the power sector, regulatory reform, technology transfer, environmental regulatory reform in the energy sector and others. This was a Senior Executive Service Position.
Previously, Dr. Sullivan was the Director of the USAID Office of Energy (1986-1997) (and Deputy Director 1984 -1986). In this position he directed a team of 25 engineers, economists and energy specialists who created and implemented energy and environmental assistance programs for developing countries. As Director, he built a $4 million program into a $34 million program recognized within the development community as preeminent in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and environmental protection and in private investment in the energy sector abroad. He has extensive in-country experience in Asia, Latin America and Europe, covering the entire range of energy technology, from efficiency and renewable energy to advanced fossil technologies. In 1982-1983, Dr. Sullivan was posted to the USAID Mission in Islamabad, Pakistan where he served as design team leader for a $30 million Energy Planning and Development Project and a $125 million Lakhra Coal Mining and Power Generation project.

PhD in geophysical hydrodynamics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1970)
B.C.E. in Civil Engineering from Manhattan College

Languages: French, German, and Spanish

Yazdan M.Attaei, Program Manager

Mr. Attaei is a new addition to EMG. He will work on arrangement of EMG teams for new business opportunities, developing technical proposals and managing EMG events as well as administrative works. He is an electrical engineer with several years experience in power distribution for tunneling and mining constructions in Iran. He also worked as field engineer for power distribution and maintenance of the construction workshops where he designed, upgraded and implemented distribution networks for heavy machinery in Dam and Tunnel construction sites for companies such as Tehran Railway Operation Co. and Stratus Intl. Contracting Co.
Mr.Attaei is also pursuing his Ph.D. in Physics at George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, United States.

M.Sc. in Telecommunication Hardware Engineering, Eastern Mediterranean Univ., Famagusta, Cyprus 2009-2012
B.Sc. in Microwave Engineering, Eastern Mediterranean Univ., Famagusta, Cyprus 2004-2009

Languages: English, Farsi and Turkish

Clare Novak, Senior Associate, Human Resource Management

Ms. Novak is currently serving as a Capacity Building and Change Management Advisor to the Secretary of Water and Power of Government of Pakistan, under PDP project. She is an international leadership senior associate with over 20 years of experience in leadership development and human resource management functions. She has worked with power sector organizations in the United States and internationally, including a number of utilities in the Persian Gulf countries.. She has authored papers and done presentations for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and for the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).

Ph.D. in Communication Education
M.A. in Communication
B.S. in Secondary Education

Deirdre Quinn, Program Officer

Ms. Quinn has served as a program officer with EMG since 2011. She is an experienced writer and editor, and has worked in both the public and private sector. She has experience in drafting project proposals and reports, as well as in organizing and implementing public relations outreach. She has worked on a number of recent project proposals, (for Feasibility Studies, Reverse Trade Missions and Definitional Missions) and has provided logistical and administrative support for multiple Reverse Trade Missions. Before joining EMG, Ms. Quinn worked internationally with the U.S. Department of State and the National Democratic Institute.

M.S. in Gender & Social Policy from the London School of Economics
M.Litt. in Creative Writing from the University of St. Andrews
B.A. in English from Georgetown University

Languages: French and English




EMG Senior Consultants

Rafael Granja, Senior Associate, Distribution & Smart Grid

Mr. Rafael Granja has 25 years as an Engineering and Managing Professional within the Distribution, Transmission and Generation Industry. His most recent position was the Senior Manager of the Nuclear Projects Organization for a top 5 utility within the United States. Prior to this position, he was the Distribution Business Manager of the company's Smart Metering initiative. He was responsible for evaluating and selecting the new technologies and developing business plans and processes to mitigate Line Side Loss programs, Restoration opportunities and new Billing systems. He was also the Manager of the company's Distribution Planning Organization. His organization was responsible for all the new additions of Substations, Power Transformers and feeders for the company's 5 million customers and 22,000 MW infrastructures, as well as manages the company's Demand Side management programs. He has also held the position of Manager of Distribution Reliability, where his organization was responsible for the implementation and budgeting of all reliability programs to maintain the prescribed indicators per the State's Regulatory body. He has also held various managing and supervisory positions within the following organizations: Human Resources, Regulatory, Generation and Transmission System Operations, Automated Meter Infrastructure (Smart Grid) and Relay Engineering. Rafael also serves as the Managing Director of Utility Consulting for Key Consulting, LLC, a company that specializes in utility management improvement and training projects around the world. He has worked on projects in Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic & Turkey.

B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Miami
M.S., Engineering Management, Florida International University

Languages: English (Advanced professional proficiency), Spanish (Advanced professional proficiency)

Khairul Bashar, Senior Associate, Change Management

Khairul Bashar has 32years experience in Engineering and Management within the power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Industry. His most recent position was the Team Leader and Senior Consultant to promote Change Management following Total Quality Management in eight Power Generation Plants (517MW) of SUMMIT Group in Bangladesh. Prior to this, as the Team Leader he developed unified Service Rules and Human Resources Management System for the corporatized utilities of Bangladesh Power Sector. He prepared Management Manual and Corporate Plan for the Electricity Generation Company of Bangladesh (EGCB, 210MW). Bashar was responsible for vitalizing Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB) through a process of change management. Fostering a process of participation and involvement of all employees; creating a culture of continuous improvement at all levels turned PGCB into a viable and promising organization.Recently, he prepared a reform strategy for restructuring of Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (REB). He was a successful consultant to implement reform strategy of Bangladesh power sector implementing a process of changing organizational culture through involvement and participation of employees, harnessing creativity along with structural adjustments. Bashar was the Team Leader and Senior Consultant to establish Haripur Power Station (100MW) and Baghabari Power Station (170 MW) as Strategic Business Unit (SBU) and improved their performance.
Bashar is working as the Director and Management Specialist of Centre for Management Development, a leading consulting house. Bashar is an expert in making interventions for Organizational Development, designing organizational management system and establishing Total Quality Management. Besides, he has been a professional trainer for the last 32 years. He helped more than 35 organizations implement change management in both private and public sector to improve quality and productivity. He has worked in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri-Lanka and Pakistan.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)
Masters of Science in Management, Cranfield University, UK

Languages: English (Advanced professional proficiency); Bengali (Advanced professional proficiency)

Hassan Nawab, Senior Associate, Gas & IPP

Mr. Nawab is Natural Gas and Power Sector professional with over 30 years of experience in development and management of natural gas and power sector projects in Pakistan. He has field experiences in development, financing, construction and operations of gas and power projects including feasibility studies, FEED, EPC Contractor selection, regulatory approvals, IA/PPA/GSA negotiations, financial structuring, construction supervision and Operations Safety Management systems. He has lead IPPs and gas sector projects in Pakistan, and has been leader of multi-disciplinary project teams including technical, development, finance, legal and regulatory functions, and presented regularly to Board of Directors, Regulatory Authorities, and Political Leadership on key projects. He is currently working in Ghana providing technical assistance to the Government of Ghana The Energy Commission (EC) of Ghana have requested EMG support in providing Technical Assistance for monitoring the construction, commissioning and safe operations of the gas processing plants and the gas pipelines, especially in the development and enforcement of Technical Guidelines and Regulations for the natural gas sector.

MBA in Finance and International Business, University of Hawaii at Honolulu, USA. 1981-1983
Bachelor in Engineering, First Division, University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. 1968-1972

Languages: English, Urdu

Janak Poojara, Senior Associate, Power Generation

Janak Poojara retired from Black & Veatch in June of 2013 as the Regional Director within Black & Veatch (B&V) Energy and was responsible for the capture and execution of projects in the Middle East, Europe, and India region. In this role since 2008, he was responsible for developing and maintaining client relationships; providing inputs into the Division?s business plans and strategy; meeting new business targets; and overseeing profit and loss (P&L) responsibility for power generation services projects region.Poojara has been with Black & Veatch over 36 years with overall engineering experience of almost 42 years. Prior to the above assignment, he was assigned to India from 2004 to 2008, where he established Black & Veatch?s Energy and Telecom engineering office in 2004 and subsequently managed the office as General Manager of Black & Veatch Consulting Private Ltd. in India through 2008.
Prior to the above assignment, Poojara was assigned to Energy Services within B&V. As a project manager in the power plant improvement engineering group, he managed assignments involving multidiscipline efforts in performing feasibility studies, repowering studies, site selection studies, independent assessments, detailed engineering of various plant upgrades, owner?s engineering services, and power development advisory services. Poojara also has international marketing experience and has worked closely with power developers in developing power plant projects.
Poojara managed the B&V project office in Tulsa from 1991 to 1995 for substation, transmission, and distribution support services. He has directed a number of power delivery planning studies, substation modification and relay replacement programs, and the planning and construction of a dispatch center for the Southwest Power Administration.As an electrical engineer, he has worked on auxiliary power system design on a number of nuclear and thermal power stations.

Master of Science, Electrical Engineering, Texas A&M University, 1971
Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, S.P. University (India), 1969

Languages: English, Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu

Anil Cabraal, PhD. Senior Associate, Renewable Energy

Dr. Cabraal is presently a senior consultant with Energy Markets Group in renewable and rural energy. His recent work has encompassed energy investment planning in Liberia, Bangladesh, Maldives, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. Previously, during his 15 years at the World Bank, he was responsible for rural and renewable energy development which included guiding the World Bank Group renewable energy and energy efficiency scale up strategy. In collaboration with IFC, he founded and launched the World Bank/IFC Lighting Africa Program in 2008 and co-led the program until 2010. He is a contributor and lead author to the following publications, 

 - "Emergyence of Electricity from the Sun: Power to the World"

 - "Renewable Power in Developing Countries: Winning the War on Global Warning"

 - "Best Practices for Pholtovaic Household Electriication Programs"

 - "Designing Sustainable Off-Grid Rural Electrification Projects"

 - "Photovoltaic for Community Services"

He received the Professor Robert Hill Award for his contributions to photovoltaic for development and the European Photovoltaic and Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition in 2005. He is one of the Directors and Board Members of KMRI Lanka (a renewable energy company). He serves on the boards of ESNA Power Ltd. (renewable power developer in Uganada and Sri Lanka), GVEP International and Sustainable Energy NGO in the U.K. and the Sri Lanka Energy Forum.

PhD., Agricultural Engineering, University of Maryland, USA
BS., Mechanical Engineering, University of Ceylon, Sri Lanka

Languages: Fluent in Hindu and English

Juan C. Alvarez, Senior Associate, Distribution

Mr. Alvarez is a consulting electrical engineer with twenty-seven years of experience in transmission and distribution systems generating plants.His competencies include substation project GIS protection technical maintenance. Mr. Alvarez also has experience in power system operations and management. In his most recent position as Electrical Superintendent for Caithness Energy, he represented the owner on an 800MW wind turbine project with 37 miles of transmission line and 3 substations. He was responsible for the reviewing, inspecting and coordinating of the electrical construction of the project. His previous experience with Florida Power and Lights (FP&L) includes work as a substation superintendent: he directed a group of ten engineers in Area Distribution consisting of 40 substations in the construction, maintenance, repair and/or restoration of the sites. Proir to this he served as theReliability Lead Dade area coordinator for Reliability projects, Maintenance scheduling and Capital projects. He led engineers working on various maintenance projects, to complete pending and past due maintenance work. He also was in charge of resolving to resolution, investigations on FRCC reportable mis-operations In addition he was involved in the recruiting and hiring new engineers for department.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Rensselear Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Troy, New York, 1984
Professional Engineer License, State of Florida

Languages: English and Spanish

Ashfaq Mahmood, Senior Associate, Planning & Policy

Mr. Mahmood is an expert in power sector planning, policy formulation, regulation and analysis. He possesses 38 years' experience working with the Federal Government of Pakistan and educational institutions, of which 15 years were at the Federal Secretary level. His work related to power sector reform and restructuring, development of regulatory institutions in electricity and public procurement sectors, development of strategies, plans, policies and projects, and supervising large electricity, and engineering organizations in Pakistan.. He is very familiar with the electricity laws, regulatory requirements, and tariff process/policies and decision-making at the highest levels. His work in the energy sector includes participation in high level meetings, formulation of energy supply-demand scenarios, evaluation of projects and participation in gaining approval of energy projects, formulation of mid and long term plans, supervision of the affairs of large public sector utilities, design and improvement of policies enabling private sector investment in Pakistan, interaction with regulator and leading the efforts of the government to reform and restructure the energy sector. The work also included negotiations of large loans with many multinational and bilateral institutions as well as arranging funding from local resources for various energy projects and programs. In addition to his home country he has working experience in the US, Ukraine, Nigeria and Ghana. Currently he is guiding an MS degree Program in Energy Management and is also visiting faculty for COMSATS Institute in Pakistan.

MS Electrical Engineering ---Vanderbilt University, Nashville Tennessee, USA 1976
B.Sc. Electrical Engineering University with four distinctions, Lahore, Pakistan, 1970

Languages: English, Urdu

Bijan Ghassemzadeh, Senior Associate, Power Generation & IPP

Mr. Bijan Ghassemzadeh has more than 27 years of experience as an Engineering and Managing Professional within the Power Generation Industry. His most recent position was the Senior Project Manager of MC contractor providing consulting and management services to two Independent Power Producers (IPP?s), in Iran, regarding conversion of a 750 MW (Rudshur) and a 970 MW (Central Power Plant) simple cycle power plants to combined cycle. Prior to this position, he was the Senior Project Manager of consultant for constructing a natural gas fired 954 MW simple cycle (South Isfahan) and a 968 MW combined cycle (Pareh Sar) power generation projects for Independent Power Producers in Iran. He was responsible for defining the project strategy, review and approval of projects execution plans, project management, supervision, coordination and overseeing the engineering and design progress (feasibility study, basic and detail design and design review) and provision of technical/contractual consultation and advisory services to the clients. He has managed the coordination, monitoring and control of project execution progress. He has led preparation and negotiation of an Energy Conversion Agreements (ECA) on BOO basis for a 200 MW hydro electric power generation plant in Tajikistan. He has worked as project manager of consulting engineer on more than 10,000 MW fossil fuel power plant projects ranging from 500 MW to 1300 MW. He was the lead for evaluating the technology and configuration of the power generating units and peripheral systems and auxiliaries, preparation and issuance of RFP?s, RFQ?s, bid evaluation and contract negotiation. He has worked in United States, Iran and Tajikistan holding project managing position within consulting and engineering organizations.

B.S., Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Languages: English, Farsi

Dhanapati (Dipi) Dahal, Senior Associate, Hydropower

Experienced professional with a unique combination of technical and managerial skills including leading cross functional and teams and managing renewable energy and power sector projects. He served as Executive Engineer in charge of 720MW Mangdechhu Hydroelectric Project Authority in Bhutan. In his capacity he organized stakeholder meetings and successfully obtained environmental clearance and construction licenses for this multi-million dollar governmental project. Facilitated stakeholder?s coordination meeting and prepared bidding documents of major contract works. Evaluated bids, negotiated and awarded contract for Electro-Mechanical works worth USD $130M. Prior to this he served as the Senior Manager, Engineering & Design Department, he formulated and implemented a template for preparation of project proposals, particularly global donor funded projects, for greater efficiency in tracking and reporting. He also conducted feasibility study for environment friendly power transmission and sustainable small hydropower projects.
As a Project Manager with the National Load Dispatch Center Project & Power System Coordinator, conducted bid evaluation, contract negotiation, and managed load dispatch project. He also coordinated works with power generating company and devised a system for outage planning, generation scheduling, and demand side energy management which improved overall system reliability and increased energy sales.

MBA, Bentley University Graduate School of Business, Waltham, MA 2015
Master of Engineering Studies, University of Auckland, New Zealand 2005
BSc. in Electrical Engineering, Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, India 1998

Languages: English, Hindi

Alexandra B. Ewing, PhD, Senior Associate, Environmental Management

Alexandra Ewing is an environmental management professional with 20 years of experience applying systems thinking to the analysis of energy and environmental issues for organizations, communities, and foreign direct assistance programs. She has applied experience in designing programs; research and analysis of socioeconomic, environmental, energy and political impacts and issues to inform policy, programs, and development priorities; and management of large multi-sectorial efforts. She was a Project Officer for the U.S. Agency for International Development for five years, focusing on environmental regulatory reform for oil & gas development in the Caspian, Tran?s boundary water resources management, and training environmental NGOs to more productively engage with oil & gas companies on key issues in the Caspian region. Dr. Ewing worked as an Environmental Specialist after leaving USAID, working on agricultural reform, in-depth analysis of key issues and potential problems with building of the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline, and environmental security. She earned her PhD in 2012 in Environmental Management, after which she became the Associate Director of a local watershed organization. Her focus now is building her Environmental Consulting firm, Net Green Works, which specializes in providing analyses of environmental and energy issues, climate change assessments, life cycle assessments, and risk assessments. Has worked on projects in Bulgaria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan.

PhD, Environmental Management, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
MS in Intl. Development & Economics, Energy & Environment, Johns Hopkins SAIS, Washington, D.C.
BS in Russian and Soviet Studies, Trinity College, Hartford, CT

Languages: English, Russian

Dr. George B.Schaeffer, Senior Associate, Economy and Finance

Dr.Schaeffer has Twenty-four years of experience in applied accounting, economic and financial analysis, and research combined with personal computer technology. His major areas of work include accounting and financial analysis (including project evaluation, historical credit risk assessment, structured finance, and restructuring and privatization proposals) for projects in power, water, energy, gas, agriculture, agro business, industry and banking.He is a Certified Financial Analyst and has been a commercial banker for 7 years.
HE also has Seventeen years of experience in the financial aspects of electricity and public utilities which include commercial operations of a utility (mainly distribution), IAS restatement of accounts, financial analysis, business valuation and plans, development of methodology and calculation of tariffs, cost of service studies, unbundling, restructuring, privatization, credit and loan repayment evaluation, financial management assessment, subsidy policy and risk analysis. He has worked in Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, South Asia and China.

MBA and PhD, Specialization in Finance and Economics, University of Chicago, 1991-1994
MSc. in Financial Economics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1989
MSc. in Population Genetics (Dairy Cattle Breeding), Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1983
BA in Accounting and a BS degree in Dairy Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1982

Languages: English, Spanish, Russian

Dr. Mark Cronshaw, Senior Associate, Gas Economy and Finance

Dr. Cronshaw has over 30 years of experience as an economist and engineer in oil and gas, mining, and academics. He has expertise in Valuation, Economic Modeling, Price Forecasting and Market Analysis, Due Diligence, Feasibility Studies, Oil and Gas Appraisal, Production Sharing Contracts, Cost Contingency, Monte Carlo Methods, Decision Analysis. He has degrees in Chemical Engineering, Business, and Engineering-Economic Systems. This unusual breadth enables him to conduct and coordinate extremely well-reasoned and clear analyses of the economic and business aspects of natural resource projects and opportunities. His projects have spanned the United States, Canada, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Indian sub-continent.

Ph.D. in Engineering Economic Systems (Dissertation: Strategic Behavior in Dynamic Settings), Stanford University, Stanford, CA 1989
M.B.A. in Finance, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, 1984
M.S. in Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, 1979
B.A. in Chemical Engineering, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK, 1976

Languages: English, Spanish, Russian