Market Advisors to the Global Energy Sector


  • EMG Services

    EMG leadership ensures that its corporate strategy focuses on its core capabilities in emerging markets and developing nations. EMG’s experience includes project implementation around the world, focused on the following key areas:

  • Restructuring and Regulation:
    Regulatory Framework
    Sector Restructuring
    Private Sector Participation
    Tariff Design

  • Energy Market Design and Management:
    Competition Markets Policies
    Procedures and Operational Standards
    Expansion and Operation Planning
    Cross-border Trading & Regional Markets

  • Utility Management and Information Systems:
    Utility Performance Improvement
    Standards and Benchmarking
    Contract Management
    Information Technology (IT) Applications & Smart Grid

  • Corporate and Institutional Strategic Advising:
    Project Feasibility Studies
    Corporate Advisory Services
    Corporate Governance
    Human Resources Management

  • Environmental Mitigation Planning & Investment:
    Climate Change Policy and Planning
    GHG Country Study
    Markets Based Trading Mechanisms
    Environmental Impact Assessment